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Arcana Silver

Sølvstemplet stablermansjett

Sølvstemplet stablermansjett

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En lekker mansjett som passer til ethvert antrekk! Bruk en for et glamorøst mer dempet utseende, eller stable dem for å gi et statement.

Alle armbånd vil bli laget på bestilling. Bestillinger lagt inn før 28/11 vil garantert sendes i tide til jul. Vennligst tillat 1-2 uker for fabrikasjon.

Jeg vil tilfeldig velge stemplingsdesignet med mindre du spesifiserer. Vennligst tillat små variasjoner i mønsteret da hvert stykke er unikt håndlaget.

Disse mansjettene kommer i en boks klar for gave. Settene vil bli pakket i en enkelt boks. Hvis du vil ha bestillingen din delt mellom bokser, send en e-post til, så skal vi gjøre vårt beste for å imøtekomme gavene dine!

Jo mer du kjøper, jo mer av en avtale får du!

Sterling sølv. Nikkelfri.

Velg mellom to størrelser (begge størrelsene er justerbare)

S/M: 5,5 tommer med 1 tomme gap

M/L: 6 tommer med 1 tomme gap


We source recycled fine metals from the USA.

14k Gold Filled


An affordable way to wear gold, our gold-filled pieces have a thick layer of 14k gold, heat and pressure bonded to a high-quality brass core. They contain 100x more real gold than regular gold-plating.

Sterling Silver


We use nickel-free sterling silver in our designs- a solid, precious metal that lasts forever. Silver may develop a darker patina with time, but can be polished up. Oils from your skin help prevent silver tarnish... so wear it often!

14k Solid Gold


A low maintenance, fine jewelry favorite that will last forever. Pure gold is mixed with other alloys to make it more durable & give it a beautiful hue.

Care information

To prolong the life of your jewelry, please avoid showering, bathing or swimming while wearing. Thoroughly dry your piece if it does get wet. Remove jewelry before messy or heavy activity like sports, exercising, gardening, cooking, painting, etc. and before sleeping.

Many of the stones used in Arcana Silver jewelry are porous and rather delicate (turquoise, opals, etc.). Avoid dropping or banging your precious stone jewelry to avoid fractures and cracks.

Metals like brass, bronze, sterling silver, lower purities of gold, and gold fill will naturally tarnish over time and develop a darker patina. Jewelry should be stored in a dry environment or in a plastic zip bag to prevent oxidation. If you wish to remove the patina you can clean with a jewelry polishing cloth (included in every order). For a deeper clean, fill a bowl with warm water, a drop of clear soap and scrub with a baby toothbruth, taking care to avoid prongs and settings. 

For a pure brass item, dip in white vinegar for 30 seconds, rinse with water and wipe dry. Please take care to avoid stones when using this method. Arcana Silver is not responsible for any damage caused due to cleaning.

Gold fill jewelry should not be polished with a compound, vinegar or jewelry polishing cloth as this may wear the finish down over time. Instead you can wipe clean with a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.

You are welcome to send back any jewelry for cleaning and/or polishing for a $15 charge.

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Handmade with care

All Arcana Silver jewelry is handmade by goldsmith Jenna Bantjes in a tiny house studio in the woods of New Hampshire.

Meet the Maker