Meet the Maker

Created & Curated by goldsmith Jenna Bantjes

Every piece of Arcana Silver is made by hand for you with the highest quality, care, and attention. Crafted with intention in the woods of New Hampshire, this heirloom quality silver and gold jewelry was made to inspire and to last.

Ethical Alternative is our carefully curated line of ethically sourced, responsibly fabricated jewelry. Many of these designs are created in the USA with post-consumer recycled fine metals.

Our Mission

We believe jewelry should make you feel empowered, comforted, or reminded of deep emotion. We strive to bring you inspiring pieces that evoke connection, self-expression, and healing.

We believe that making heirloom quality jewelry is more ethical and sustainable than fast fashion. 

We strive to make jewelry accessible, so that when you find the perfect piece that you connect with, it will fit your body and your budget.

Our Products

We bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy.

Colorful, creative, and inspired by the beauty of the earth, each product represents what we love about the world we live in.

 We hope they'll inspire you too.

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Hear her story

Always a creative child, I love the design process and there's something about working with my hands that slows down my brain into a meditative state.

The process of melting metal with fire feels powerful and challenging, and being able to take materials from the earth and shape them into something beautiful and meaningful is incredibly satisfying. 

In love with the longesvity of jewelry, I love crafting heirloom quality pieces for my customers and knowing that those pieces can last a lifetime and beyond.

But it's the stories behind a piece of jewelry- the connection, meaning, and memories- those are what I love the most. Every piece has a story to tell.